Protect Adsense Account from Invalid Activity or Invalid Clicks

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If you are running adsense on your wordpress blog and wanted to know how to protect Adsense from invalid activity or from Invalid Clicks. Then read this article. In this article i’m going to discuss the method to protect Adsense from invalid activity. And how you can your protect your adsense from invalid clicks. After reading this article. You will come to know about some plugins which you can use to protect your Adsense from Invalid Activity or Invalid clicks. Protecting Adsense from Invalid clicks or Invalid Activity can help your website earning more.

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What is happening with Adsense of Beginners?

After getting approval from Adsense, Our Earning is going to start and keep increasing day by day. Because we’ll be getting motivated by each day earning. We keep posting regular articles on our blog, sharing those articles to get strong backlinks and huge traffic on our website. Means, we are doing hard work to rank our each article in the Google Search.


After few months e.g. more than 6 months our website start getting huge traffic. Start ranking in Google Search engine. SEO is going to increase for our website. we ultimately became happy. But as we know there will be Dark days too for everyone which effect us and we became restless. Same thing happens with Adsense Ads too. Adsense Ads are very highly advanced code scripts which detects a single invalid activity from you or others.

What is Invalid Activity for Adsense?

Invalid Activity means. Clicking on Ads or viewing ads excessively by yourself intentionally or accidentally. If you’re viewing your adsense ads on your website excessively. It will count as invalid activity. So, Be careful while surfing your website or checking some post preview. You can also click here to know more about Invalid activity.


How to protect Adsense from your Invalid Activity

There are several reasons by which your adsense account can be disabled. It maybe because of not following Adsense Program Guidelines or Program Policies. Or if you violate anyone the guidelines of Adsense. Or instead of someone else, you have done some invalid activity. As i said, viewing and clicking on your own adsense ads will be counted as Invalid activity.

Understand your ad traffic and site visitors.

Break down your site traffic reports into meaningful segments using URL channels, custom channels, or even Google ad manager ad units. This will help you gauge how changes to traffic sources or implementation can affect your ad traffic.


Next, Use google Analytics to get detailed information about your site visitors, and be on the lookout for any suspicious user behavior. (Where do your users, visitor or viewers come from, either geographically or on the Web? Which pages do they view on my site?)

Avoid partnering with untrusted/ low quality website for paid traffic.

Some publishers have had issues with invalid traffic when partnering with low-quality ad networks, search engines, or directory sites in effort to increase traffic to their site.


Don’t click on your own ads, even if you think it is okay.

Even if you’re interested in an ad or looking for its destination URL, clicking on your own ads is still prohibited.

Double and triple check your all adsense ads code implementation on your website.

Some publishers use custom implementations that may have unintended consequences on their ad requests. Make sure your ad implementation conforms to AdSense ad placement Policies and has no programming error. Also, check your Adsense ads in different browser and platforms to ensure they work as you expect.

Use the authorized site feature to prevent unauthorized use of your ad code.

Adsense Authorized sites feature ensures that your account will only accrue stats for your ads that appear on sites that you’ve specified. That said, make sure that you’ve added your sites correctly. Otherwise, AdSense system may filter traffic that you’d prefer to retain.

Consult Adsense Help Forum.

If you have any question. It’s likely that another publisher has encountered the same issue, so join in a discussion to learn more, or start your own. Let others know if you’ve encountered a third party or situation that trends to generate invalid traffic.

To protect your Adsense Ads from your Invalid Activity.

  • You can use the Ad blocker extension on the browser.
  • If you are using your phones, always turned on Ad Blocking features. e.g. Opera Browser, Mozilla Firefox and Brave Browser have Inbuilt ad blocking feature.
  • In mozilla firefox you can download ad blocker extension and start blocking ads on your website.
  • Chrome for Desktop has feature to install extensions. You can Install ad blocking extension from chrome webstore. And Install it into your chrome browser for Desktop.

In this way you can avoid yourself from viewing your own ads on your website. And keep your adsense account safe from yourself. In this way you can protect your adsense account from Invalid Activity.

Now lets talk about How you can protect your adsense ads from invalid activity from others. It may not necessary that your visitors only click on your ads you enemy will do so. So, that your adsense account will get disabled and you can not earn more.

Question is now,
How you can protect your adsense ads from other to avoid invalid activity. Follow our steps to know about it.

  • Sign in to your wordpress Dashboard.
  • then go to add new plugin.
  • search for Adsense Invalid Click Protector.
  • Install and activate this plugin to use it.
  • Now, Open and setup Adsense Invalid Click Protector for Your website.
  • Type ad click limit per user as 2.
  • Enter Counter cook expiration time should be default as 3 hours for basic and you want more basic settings set is for 12 hours or 24 hours.
  • The Visitor ban duration should be default as 7 days. Or you can reduce it to 3 days too.
  • If you want to purchase it for pro then go for it.
  • You can also block countries where you don’t want to show ads on your website.
  • You need to types alpha 2 codes of each country which you wanted to block for your website to show ads there.
  • Then click on save changes to save your setup for your website.

After doing all these setup your adsense account is safe and secured from Invalid Activity.

How to get Banned Users details

You can get the details of banned users in Banned User Details settings of Adsense Invalid Click Protector. These details include IP addresses, countries from where the user are doing invalid activity. You can either block it IP from Control Panel or Banned country code in Adsense Invalid Click Protector.

Hope you guys like this article please share it with your friends to make them aware about how you can protect your adsense from Invalid Activity and Invalid Clicks.


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