How to take Backup and Delete Google Account Permanently

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If you wanted to take complete backup of google account data or delete google accounts (include gmail account, adsense account, any other google associated accounts) permanently. Then read our article. Here, we will tell you what is meant by Backing Up of Google Account or deleting Google Account. And how you can take full backup of You Google Account and delete your google account permanently. After reading this article, you’ll come to know the step by step process to take complete backup of google account and process to delete google account.

What is meant by Google Account?

Google account does not mean only Gmail account or the account you are using right now in your Android smartphones or PC. Google Account means the data you have stored in it also considered to be the part of it.


Number of People are creating Google account just because they have forgotten the password of previous one. They don’t want to spent 2 or 3 minutes of time to recover that Google account.

Google Account include your Gmail account eg. your emails. Youtube Account where your Youtube channels existed if you have created one. Google Contacts are store in your google account if you’re using Android Smartphones. Important and your saved passwords, saved bookmarks and offline page details are stored inside your Google Account. You must use Online Sites where you have to enter address manually each time but Google can store your address for you. And google will suggest you your used addresses.


So, if you have decided to delete your google account then you must aware of these things first. Otherwise, you will loose you important data. Which maybe cost you very expensive in the future. You can also take some backup before deleting your google account.

How to take Backup of data before deleting Google Account

You must should know about how you can take backup before deleting your google account. You must have heard about Prevention is better than cure. So, Always be careful and should aware about what you’re going to do. And what will be the impact if anything wrong occur.

  • First sign in with same Google Account from which you wanted to take backup.
  • Then go to your Google Account Dashboard, Click here to go.
  • Then click on Date and Personalization, option available on the left of the Google Account Dashboard.
  • Scroll down and Find the section of Download, Delete and Make a plan for your data.
  • Click on Download your data, Option under section Download, Delete and Make a plan for your data.
  • Now, Choose which data you want to download and select it. And Then click on next.
  • After clicking on next, You have to choose Archive format.
  • Here, you have to select Delivery method as send download link on email, If you want to take backup only once then you can click on One-time Archive in Export type, Archive format should be .zip and Archive size should be of 2 GB.
  • Then click on Create Archive.
  • Your Archive or you can say will start creating, You will receive email after the backup will be completed.
  • The follow the direction to download your backup.

Note: Time take to create complete backup will depend on the size of data you Google Account. It may take hours or may be some days.

Creating Backup and Downloading Can help you?

You can take backups of different data by different methods. Like You can add some other email as manager to your current emails and you can delete current one.

Exports all The Contacts stored in your google account and then import it on any other google account.

Use Add manager option available in the creator settings, to add another google account to your youtube channel to access all the content of your youtube channel.

Export all the saved passwords, saved bookmarks to any other browser as backup before deleting Google Account.

How to delete Google Account

If you wish you delete your google account then follow steps with me.

  • Search for “
  • And sign in with the Google account you want to delete.
  • If you are already sign in then above two will be skipped.
  • Click on Google Account Icon on the top right corner.
  • and then click on Google Account.
  • Your Google Account Dashboard will open.
  • Click on Date and Personalization option available on the left.
  • Then Scroll down and find section of Download, delete or make a plan for your data.
  • Then Click on Delete a service or your Account.
  • Now, click on Delete Your Google Account.
  • You have to read all the conditions before deleting and then scroll down and tick mark all the conditions and click on delete account.

After this Your Google Account will be deleted permanently. Thank you all i hope you will be happy to read this article.


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