How to apply for Google Adsense and get Approval Easily

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If you wanted to monetize website. Or if you are new to blogging, content writer or news publishing and writing something on your website. You must want to monetize it with Google Adsense. Because, In this article i’m going to take basic points and i’ll tell you the steps to submit application for monetize your blog for Google Adsense and get approval easily.

Getting Adsense approval is not easy in today’s world. You have to follow all the Adsense content guidelines and Program policies. You need to follow many term and conditions. Here i’m giving you some tips and points to follow and get your active adsense account in your hand.

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Careful before building website or posting article on website

  • Be honest toward your website or blog articles, and don’t think about to cheat Google Adsense.
  • Think before doing, Buy Domain name e.g. .com, .in, .net or any other custom domain which best describe your website. for example if you are applying for English news channel. Then your domain name should include “news” means you must have to work on the topic keywords. Or you can specify about your website in your Homepage, About page and by posting several relevant articles similar to domain keywords.
  • Don’t copy anyone’s articles, try to make your own and you can hire some content writer for your blog or website.
  • Don’t be demotivate, You should have a positive mind set in your plan full of energetic ideas and trending topics.
  • Once a you wrote a post or article, then find some market where you can promote it free. For example Make your own Youtube videos on the same topic.
  • Don’t posts anything which void Google Adsense Terms and Conditions and Program Policies. Otherwise your website will be blacklisted in their database and you won’t get approval again in future.
  • Don’t Click or view your Own ads to increasing revenue.
  • Read all the Google Adsense Program Policies and Guidelines. Before building website and start posting content.

If you are not getting approvals even after following Adsense Program Policies and Community Guidelines. Then click here to know How to Get Approval from Adsense Easily and get more terms in detail explanation or comment below if you’re facing any difficulty in approving your Adsense account for your website or monetizing your website.

How to Apply for Google Adsense

Now, you have successfully created your website and wanted to monetize with Google Adsense ads. But you are a beginner afraiding of rejecting or tired of getting rejections by Google Adsense. Then Follow once our way to apply for Google Adsense get easy Approval.

  • If you getting rejection without violating any terms and conditions of Adsense Program Policies. Then delete that Adsense Account as well as Google Account. Click here to know How to Delete Google Account.
  • Then Create another Google Account with Your parents details or some other details. Make sure you are not giving the same detail, which you have used on previous Adsense account details. e.g. Mobile Number, Recovery Emails, Same Device or IP address.
  • After creating a new Google Account, go sign up with Adsense.
  • Fill all the required details with the email you have created right now. And click on submit.
  • You need to Insert snippet codes into your website between <head> and </head>.

How to setup Adsense Ad code into website

  • copy the snippet ad code from adsense.
  • If you are on wordpress then install and activate a Plugin called Insert Header and Footer.
  • Click on setting and then click on Insert header and footer.
  • Then you will see two box 1. Header and 2. Footer
  • Now, Paste that code you have copied into header box.
  • Then select on i have pasted ad code, and click on done on Adsense account.
  • Now after submitting application for getting monetization for your website to Google Adsense. You application will go into review. You have to wait for 1 days minimum or maximum 2 business weeks (excluding non-business days).
  • You get and email of getting approved. If you have followed all these things which i have mentioned above.

If you’re not getting adsense approval even after doing such things because some certain content, website issue. Your Adsense Account disabled or disapproved for your website which can not revert or delete. You may have some other Adsense Alternative. Which you can apply to monetize your website. To know how to monetize website not getting approved by Adsense. And one more thing if you wanted to know more about Adsense Alternative where you can apply for very easily where no need of high traffic on website.

These were the ways by which you can apply for Google Adsense and get approval easily.



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